Sunday, August 19, 2012

Naree Thai: Second review

Date of the meal: 19/08/2012
Number of people: 2 adults
Website of the restaurant:  (the website is in Norwegian but the menu is in English and Norwegian)

I have already reviewed Naree Thai here but we went there again tonight and I thought I should share our dining experience. If you read the previous review, you know that like this restaurant and I believe it is a great value for the money. Unfortunately, tonight, we were a bit disappointing with the food.

10. Fried Spring rolls, Thai style (home made) - 54 NOK

40. Clear noodles, pork, onion and shrimp with chili and lemon juice - 86 NOK

For the starters, we order some Thai spring rolls and a clear noodle salad. The spring rolls and the sauce for the spring rolls are home made, which is a good thing but we did not find them wonderful. The clear noodle salad was good but I would have liked it with a little more "lemony" taste. 

For the main dishes, my wife had Fried pork with mixed vegetables, I ordered fried Ba-Mi noodles  and we took some fried rice for our son (from the children menu).

62. Fried pork with mixed vegetables - 141 NOK

124. Fried Ba-Mi noodles with chicken, pork or beef (beef in the photo) - 84 NOK

The fried pork with mixed vegetables was not really good. The sauce was too much diluted (water) or had probably not been cooked for long enough.

On the other hand my dish was good. My wife tasted it and liked it too. It was the first time we ordered it but we will probably order it more often. I did not know what Ba Mi noodles were so I had to look it up on Google. Here is the answer if you don't know it either: "In Thailand, wheat noodles are also known as bami (Thaiบะหมี่). It is eaten mainly in noodle soups and in Chinese style stir-fried noodle dishes."

900. Chicken fried rice, Thai style, children menu - 46 NOK

The fried rice for our son was not a success either. Not so much taste, and too sticky in my opinion. My wife agreed on the taste problem but did not think the consistency was worse than usual. We have ordered this dish several times in the past and this was the first time we didn't like it.

Conclusion: today was a small disappointment. The clear noodle salad and the fried Ba-Mi noodles were good, the spring rolls were not bad but the fried pork with mixed vegetables and the fried rice were not good. As we have tried the fried rice several times before (also from the children menu, and every time with chicken) and were never disappointed with it, I suspect there was either some problems in the kitchen (fire not strong enough, for example) or the fact that the chef was on holiday (Sunday, August, ...). Let us hope that the quality of this restaurant will be back very soon.

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