Thursday, October 25, 2012

Il Piccolo: update 21/10/2012

This restaurant has been opened for a few months now and I was curious to go there again. You will find the original review here. I went there a bit late with my wife and my son so there were not so many costumers. The menu has changed a bit and I am disappointed not to see the limoncello dessert anymore... I will miss it.

My wife went for Spaghetti Bolognese and it was kind of a surprise that we were served some sort of tagliatelle instead. At least, it was not spaghetti. Otherwise, the sauce was not bad but we would have liked it with more tomato sauce (it was a bit dry). A bit more Parmesan cheese could have been better too but again the dish wasn't bad.

"Spaghetti" Bolognese, 155 NOK

I went for a pizza vegetariana and I liked it. The dough was good, the pizza was well cooked, the vegetables (mainly sliced eggplant/aubergine and diced artichoke) were full of taste. All in all, it was a success.

Pizza Vegetariana, 155 NOK

The service was better than last time we went there. The waiter was really warm and smiling. So all in all, a good experience despite a small deception about the pasta dish.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Phad Thai Hinna: another Sunday buffet reviewed

We know how nice it is to have a nice buffet on a Sunday with the kids and this is why Stavangourmet has reviewed several Sunday buffets including Akropolis and Mikado.

This time, we went up to Hinna, next to the Viking Stadium (the new stadium) to try the Sunday buffet of Phad Thai Hinna. This restaurant is quite popular during the week and of course when there is a football match but this Sunday, it was quiet.

Sushi opening offer: 8 pieces for 120 NOK

Also, this restaurant is now starting to serve sushi and as an opening offer, the prices are quite low. For some reasons, my wife was offered to try two pieces (maybe because she is Japanese or maybe because they guessed we were reviewers) and she liked them which is a very good sign. 

Back on track here are some photos of the buffet:

The buffet costs 300 NOK per person and is free for children under 3. Coffee, tea and dessert are included.

The overall quality of the buffet was good, we particularly liked the thai soup (not on the photo but included in the buffet), which was a chicken soup with cream and Thai vegetables. It was particularly enjoyable as it was freezing outside (Stavanger weather...). The normal white rice was also better than on average in Asian restaurants in Stavanger and the spring rolls seemed home made and were nice too. The red curry was also quite good but beware it was spicy (as any good curry).

The service was good too so the only drawbacks are that this restaurant is a bit isolated (not so much to do in this area on a Sunday) and that the price is a bit high (but again, coffee/tea and desserts are included).

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Great lunch at Renaa Matbaren

I have already reviewed this restaurant here and explained the difference with Renaa Xpress that I reviewed there. This is a new review, for the meal I had with a Norwegian Friend yesterday (Friday 05/10/2012).

Soup of the day (pumpkin with cream and bacon), small portion 89 NOK

My friend was not too hungry, so he went for the soup of the day. It was a pumpkin soup with cream and bacon. My friend liked it a lot and thought the pumpkin taste was quite delicate in this soup. People liking pumpkin a lot could have been a bit disappointed though that the taste was not stronger.

Dish of the day (duck confit with pumpkin puree and Brussels sprouts), 269 NOK

I went for the dish of the day which was duck confit with pumpkin puree and Brussels sprouts. The duck was tender while well cooked and the sauce was exquisite with a subtle mustard taste. I really enjoyed it and wish it was in the regular menu.

Other than that, the service was nice as usual and we had a great lunch.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Noodle noodle update

On Monday (opening day), we went to this restaurant and I wrote a review here. On Friday, we went there again as we wanted to try even more things from the place. Here is a small update.

This time, I went for Japanese noodles (called "ramen").

Japanese Ramen, 135 NOK

It was served with an egg and two pieces of pork. One piece of pork was nice but the other was too thick.You need thin pieces of pork for this dishes as they should take the flavor from the soup. The noodles and the soup were nice, though. The quantity was also good for the price.

Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice), 135 NOK

My wife went for Nasi Goreng, which is Indonesian fried rice. It came with an egg, with chicken skewers and shrimps crackers. I was not convinced by the crackers but the rice and the skewers were good. The photo does not show it but the dish was actually quite big (a lot of rice).

The conclusion is not too different from last time: this place is quite nice. For a correct price, you get some original and tasty dishes.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Noodle noodle: a new restaurant in Stavanger

Date: 03/09/2012

There are so many new restaurants in Stavanger that it is difficult to keep track of them. In case you missed them, Stavangourmet reviewed Gådjå and il Piccolo not so long ago. Today, it was the turn to "Noodle noodle" to open its doors.

Where is it?

It is in the shopping mall Magasinblaa, more or less in the centre of Stavanger. As I said in my review of Deja Vu, I am not a big fan of restaurants in shopping malls in general because I find them a bit noisy, having less personality and generally being of lower quality. However, I must admit it is convenient for kids (not a big deal if they are a bit noisy, they can go see the fish if they are bored, ...).

What kind of food?

I am sorry to be honest but I really don't like the name of this place. Not very creative and even a bit misleading. So, yes, "Noodle, noodle" serves noodles, but they also serve other things coming from different Asian countries (Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, ...). I am really happy about this restaurant as these cuisines are not so common in Stavanger (I was happy about Gådjå too).


The decoration is simple but nice, I think it fits with the Asian culture. About the chairs: they are really beautiful but unfortunately they are not so comfortable.

Our meal

Today, I ordered the "chicken katsu curry" (you can write "karee" or curry"), which is a Japanese curry dish with fried chicken. It does not look good in the photo but I liked it and it tasted quite authentic (I have eaten this dish several times in Japan, so I knew it from before).

Chicken Katsu Curry, 145 NOK

One small thing about the presentation though: the rice was over the chicken while it should be on the side or under it, so that the chicken is visible.

My wife went for the "gyoza" bento, with "tempura prawns". The issue is that she is a bento specialist, her father and brother working in a bento place in Japan. So, she should probably have gone for something else. Here is a photo of it:

Bento Box, Gyoza with e) tempura prawns, 160 NOK

By the way, what is a bento? It is a food box with compartments, generally enjoyed because of the varied taste of each compartment. Here, 3 pieces of sushi, 3 pieces of gyoza  (Chinese minced pork dumpling, very much appreciated in Japan) and 3 "tempura prawns".

Overall this dish was not bad, but my wife had several critics about it. She thought that the sushi did not fit very well with the prawns+rice compartment (too much rice). She would have liked pickles and a miso soup. As usual for sushi outside Japan, she found the rice too hard (sushi needs a softer, more expensive rice), and she complained that the prawns were not "tempura" prawns. Here a tempura photo from wikipedia:

The difference is that breadcrumbs are used in one case and not in the other. For her, what was served in the bento were "ebi fry" or "fried prawns" but not "tempura prawns". Well, I told you, she is a specialist.

For our son, we ordered udon with ginger and sesame. Udon is a Japanese type of noodles. A small irony about Japan fans is that they generally don't know udon but are experts of ramen, a type of noodles which are also popular in Japan but which are coming from China.

Ginger and sesame chicken udon, 130 NOK

Udon are generally served in a soup. Here, they were served slightly fried without soup (this is called "yaki udon" in Japanese). The udon themselves and the vegetables were good, the chicken was not bad but could have been cooked a little more.

One thing that could surprise non-Japanese people was the ginger. This root has a strong taste and there was plenty of it in the dish (the big pinkish things that look like leaves). It is easy to take the ginger away if you don't like it, or find the taste to be too strong for you (I personally love ginger).

The restaurant also serves Indonesian and Singaporean food but we did not try them this time. Next time, for sure ;)


I liked this place and would be happy to go there again. My wife was not particularly impressed but would like to go there again to try other dishes.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cafe 24: a Turkish place in Pedersgata

Cafe 24 has been in Stavanger for a while now. It was rennovated not so long ago, increasing the size of the front kitchen but decreasing the number of seats available in the main room. However, there is now an available room in the back of the restaurant.

Cafe 24 is the typical kebab/turkish place people have in mind in Europe with a little twist: they do offer other kind of food. The first time I went to this cafe, I was disappointed with the food but since then, my general impressions of this place have increased. This is the advantage of blogging about restaurants I know and have been to several times. I don't just judge on a one-time experience.

Yesterday (31/08/2012), we went there (my wife, my son, and me). I ordered a "kebab tallerken" ("tallerken" is the Norwegian word for "plate") which is kebab meat with rice and salad (photo above).

My wife went for lamb skewer (photo above). It came with salad, rice and potato chips. It was beautifully presented and the meat was good. Finally, we ordered the dish of the day (eggplants/aubergines, tomatoes and minced meat cooked together for a long time) for our son (photo below). It was served with rice and salad and was quite good. I may not be neutral though as I really like aubergines/eggplants.

Overall, it costs 368 NOK which is a good price for 3 dishes. The food was good and the service was not bad either. The dish of the day was served immediately, while the two other orders took longer (this is not a fast food restaurant, unless you just order the regular kebab).

All in all, I think it is a nice place, especially if you go for the grill options (skewers, grill mix, ...) or for the soup (it is really nice but we did not order it yesterday).

Sting cafe: the highest cafe in Stavanger

The place next to the cafe Sting was once said to be the highest point in Stavanger. Not sure how true this is today but it is anyway a nice place (small garden, no cars, center of Stavanger but a bit quiet), especially when the weather is warm.

(photo: tower on the place next to Sting) 

Concerning Sting itself, it is an old house which was probably not designed to be a restaurant (two separate rooms, narrow stairs, floor not even,...). But it gives the place some authenticity makes it cozy.

When it comes to food/drinks, Sting is more a cafe/bar, even organizing some concerts in its "underground floor" (Sting  being elevated, its underground floor is still above the floor...) but it does serve food. We went there on Thursday (30/08/2012) and we had a small dinner.

My wife went for the Sting special: Shrimp and chicken marinated in salsa, garlic dip, pickles, melted cheese and served with bread (photo above). Price: 169 NOK. My wife liked it but I tasted it and was not so convinced myself. Maybe too many different savor mixed which tasted a bit "messy" to me.

I went for the Creole mix: grill skewers with spicy sausages, tiger prawns with BBQ sauce, potato salad, corn and coleslaw (photo above). Price: 179 NOK. The skewers were nice, the sausages were a bit spicy but not crazy hot, the BBQ sauce was nice and in good proportion (still get the taste of the shrimps/sausages). The corn was not the grill corn you could expect, simply salad corn. The potato salad was a bit boring and the coleslaw salad was a bit too spicy (too much mustard I think) but together it was actually fine.

For our son, we went for a pizza Margarita. The pizza was actually better than expected. The dough was very thin and a bit crispy, the tomato sauce was maybe a bit too tasty but the cheese was good and overall the pizza was nice. Price: 109 NOK

Conclusion: Sting is probably not where you will get the best culinary experience but the food is not bad and the prices are not that expensive either.

Harry Pepper: small update 23/08/2012

I have reviewed this restaurant here:

I just wanted to share some more pictures I took last time I went there (with a Norwegian friend, my wife and my son). It was the same dishes, just not the same persons eating them, so I will not say more about them (check my previous post for that). The only thing I want to say: we were again satisfied with the meal. The food was nice, the service good. We tried one of their tequilas and we liked it a lot but we don't know much about tequila

Tenderloin Steak

Blackened lamb

Fajitas with chicken

We even order a dessert (with a white chocolate mousse). It was really good but someone ate it before I could take a picture of it, so you will have to wait for the next time we go there for a picture.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Naree Thai: Second review

Date of the meal: 19/08/2012
Number of people: 2 adults
Website of the restaurant:  (the website is in Norwegian but the menu is in English and Norwegian)

I have already reviewed Naree Thai here but we went there again tonight and I thought I should share our dining experience. If you read the previous review, you know that like this restaurant and I believe it is a great value for the money. Unfortunately, tonight, we were a bit disappointing with the food.

10. Fried Spring rolls, Thai style (home made) - 54 NOK

40. Clear noodles, pork, onion and shrimp with chili and lemon juice - 86 NOK

For the starters, we order some Thai spring rolls and a clear noodle salad. The spring rolls and the sauce for the spring rolls are home made, which is a good thing but we did not find them wonderful. The clear noodle salad was good but I would have liked it with a little more "lemony" taste. 

For the main dishes, my wife had Fried pork with mixed vegetables, I ordered fried Ba-Mi noodles  and we took some fried rice for our son (from the children menu).

62. Fried pork with mixed vegetables - 141 NOK

124. Fried Ba-Mi noodles with chicken, pork or beef (beef in the photo) - 84 NOK

The fried pork with mixed vegetables was not really good. The sauce was too much diluted (water) or had probably not been cooked for long enough.

On the other hand my dish was good. My wife tasted it and liked it too. It was the first time we ordered it but we will probably order it more often. I did not know what Ba Mi noodles were so I had to look it up on Google. Here is the answer if you don't know it either: "In Thailand, wheat noodles are also known as bami (Thaiบะหมี่). It is eaten mainly in noodle soups and in Chinese style stir-fried noodle dishes."

900. Chicken fried rice, Thai style, children menu - 46 NOK

The fried rice for our son was not a success either. Not so much taste, and too sticky in my opinion. My wife agreed on the taste problem but did not think the consistency was worse than usual. We have ordered this dish several times in the past and this was the first time we didn't like it.

Conclusion: today was a small disappointment. The clear noodle salad and the fried Ba-Mi noodles were good, the spring rolls were not bad but the fried pork with mixed vegetables and the fried rice were not good. As we have tried the fried rice several times before (also from the children menu, and every time with chicken) and were never disappointed with it, I suspect there was either some problems in the kitchen (fire not strong enough, for example) or the fact that the chef was on holiday (Sunday, August, ...). Let us hope that the quality of this restaurant will be back very soon.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Salza Steakhouse: Nice Dining Experience

Date of the meal: 09/08/2012
Number of people: 2 adults
Website of the restaurant: (available in English)

When Salza opened up a few years ago (actually reopened after some renovation), it was a big news in Stavanger. Many people were speaking about this place. Unfortunately, its success prevented me from trying it. Always full unless you booked in advance. After that, the place got a bit more quiet and it is now possible to get a seat without booking in advance just by avoiding peak hours (Friday evening or Saturday evening).

The place is both a steakhouse restaurant and a nightclub. I will only review the restaurant part of this place. As you can have guessed, this restaurant is mainly about meat, but it is not limited to steaks. There was one fish dish, and several burgers in the menu too. Maybe steakhouse was a better wording than meathouse...

About the place: as it was renovated recently, it is beautiful and clean. The restaurant is on the first floor without problems for strollers. Something a bit strange is that the restaurant has only one toilet which is common for both men and women. The menu is available in both English and Norwegian.

We were hungry and ordered a starter and a main dish each (probably a mistake), especially because the waiting time we were served warm bread and butter (quality butter with salt/pepper). I had Grilled asparagus and “St. Kristina” ham (165 NOK) which was really nice. The asparagus were perfectly grilled, the ham was tasty.

My wife had KFC Kristoffer's fried chicken, served with bell pepper mayonnaise (115 NOK). It was home made and my wife liked it.

For the main, I went for the "Jack Daniel and brown sugar glazed beef" (245 NOK). It was served with grilled tomatoes, lettuce, and French fries. A home-made tomato sauce was served for the fries. The meat was good and too much in quantity in addition to the starter. The sauce had some honey taste, which made the dish a bit sweet. The two things I appreciated less were the lettuce which was served without dressing and was particularly good and the sauce which, despite being good, did not seem to fit too well with the fries (I ended up asking for mayonnaise).

My wife went for the "Blue cheese dressed burger from the grill 180gr" (195 NOK). It was also served with French fries and the home made tomato sauce. The meat was good and the blue cheese taste was quite subtle (maybe too weak for people who love blue cheese, but not so strong as being disgusting for people who simply like it). The burger was also big and my wife had a hard time finishing it.

All in all, Salza is a nice restaurant for a dining experience, especially for people liking meat.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gådjå: an African restaurant in Stavanger!

Date of the meal: 02/08/2012
Number of people: 5 adults and 2 children (1 yo and 2 yo)
Order: several dishes we shared and 3 sodas (no alcohol)

Price: about 150 NOK per person, drinks included
Address: Brødregata 6, Stavanger

As I wrote in my previous note, my wife and I tried and enjoyed the food at the Gådjå stand during the Gladmat festival. Yesterday, we decided to go to the restaurant itself with some friends.

The restaurant is located one street behind Food story in city center (not far from Wayne's coffee). It is a new place that opened only 1 month ago and the first thing to say is that the interior is beautiful, colorful and gives an African atmosphere.

If you like the food you are used to and don't like to try cuisine from other countries, don't go to Gådjå. Except the children menu, there is probably not a single dish you will recognize (unless you have tried Ethiopian cuisine before).

As an example, here is one page from the menu:

We decided to order a menu for 3 people (number 11 in the menu), 2 separate dishes (number 4 and number 8 in the menu) and share everything.

The food came in a big common plate and it was apparently not in the spirit to ask for individual plates. Some spoons came with some of the stews-like dishes but mainly, it was to eat with your hands (better wash them very good before eating).

The food in general was mild, with only 2 dishes being slightly spicy (all of us managed to eat everything without problems). As we ordered several different things, we had many types of meat: chicken, pork, beef and lamb, served with different things like eggs, lenses, potatoes, salad, spinach and cheese. The chicken "stew" called Gådjå Wått (on the right of the photo above) was one of the dishes proposed during Gladmat.
I can say we were all very satisfied with the food. It was good, very tasty and seemed completely authentic (one of my friend has Rwandan origins and confirmed it was tasting similar to some Rwandan recipes). The service was modest but great. the atmosphere was not formal or intimate but I don't think that would have fit the African spirit of the restaurant. The price was nice, lower than average in Stavanger (around 150 NOK per person, even though we ate a lot).

All in all, I think Gådjå is the perfect place for people who like African cuisine in general, or simply like to taste different flavors. It is especially good for group of friends willing to share a culinary experience.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gladmat festival: gladmat Stavanger 2012

Today began the Gladmat Festival 2012, a food festival in Stavanger that happens every year and which is the opportunity to taste a lot of food at great prices. Translated literally, it means "happy food" (probably in the sense "enjoy the food"). Last year the festival was unlucky with the weather. Fortunately, this year, it opened on a sunny day.

First of all, there are regular events on the stage, so it is worth checking the schedule (sorry, I only found it in Norwegian) if you intend to go to the festival. Below, people making an incredibly big pancake.

Please note that in the following reviews you will see some stand numbers. To find them on a map, go here and click on the purple banner. 

Cheap options

Actually, most stands offer small portions for a great price. Even though, 3 stands should be mentioned here as they offer particularly cheap options.

1) Coop and its Barbecue (stand number 69)

Coop is proposing a grilltallerke (barbecue plate) for 30 NOK with the 3 pieces of meat and a bit of salad. For the meat, you have the choice between a sausage, pork ribs  or a burger. The burger was not convincing (dry, no taste) but the other 2 were nice (you can order 2 sausages 1 rib for example, or 3 burgers if you want).

Another notice about Coop: they also give you the alternative to go for healthy food. Lots of fruits, vegetables, are available. Heart-shaped cucumbers were sold out quite quickly though.

2) Stavanger Aftenblad is also participating! (stand number 61)

This year, Stavanger Aftenblad is proposing three small plates:
- fiskesuppe for 30 NOK
- bacalao for 35 NOK
- a strawberry and yogurt dessert for 30 NOK

The dessert was quite nice, we did not try the 2 other dishes.

3) Gilde for sausages (stand number 59)

Gilde is proposing a sausage with bread for 10 NOK. Difficult to make it cheaper. Also, the choice of sausages you can get is quite wide (only some of them are shown in the photo)

The popular and classical stands

Here are some popular stands. There are other popular stands, making an exhaustive list would be impossible.

1) Samba grill and its Brazilian skewers (stand number 80)

Every year, Samba is a popular place to get skewers and this year is not different. People are queuing a lot and this cannot just be due to the Brazilian girls preparing the skewers, can it?
Count 40 NOK for a skewer with chicken, 50 NOK for a shrimp one and 60 NOK for a beef one. The Feijoada (Brazilian stew) is at 100 NOK.

2) Indian Tandoori and its authentic Nan (stand number 39)

Indian Tandoori has made it clear: no compromise with the Nan, they make it in front of you, in a real tandoori oven, and the result is visible. Impossible to get a seat there, people queuing at all time (and just try to cut the queue to see how serious these waiting people are about it). The Tikka Masala (curry based stew) is served in two portions: 70 NOK for a small one, 110 NOK for a big one. The rice is included. The plain nan costs 25 NOK and is not included. The dish is not spicy at all. Good news for those who cannot eat spicy food, bad news for those who like spicy food.

3) Skeie Gård and its burger (stand number 73)

Many stands propose burgers, so when you see so many people queuing for a burger at the Skeie Gård stand, there must be a reason. Either it is because the girl at the stand is very sexy (and she is), or it is because their burgers are among the best of the Gladmat Festival. 100% pure beef without additive, home made bread, fried onions, cheese, ... The meat was juicy, but was so big that the very center of it was not cooked enough. Still, it is a great burger. The burger costs 100 NOK.

4) Scandic Hotels and a nice 4 course menu (stand number 26)

The Scandic hotels stand is also a good choice: tasty food, comfortable seats, good service and nice prices. This year, they propose salmon cubes with coriander, chicken surprise (liver pate), something called "burning love" (with bacon and onions) and rosmarin marshmallow. We especially liked the salmon and the "burning love" . The chicken liver was good but the taste is really strong so you need to like this type of food.
1 item costs 30 NOK, or you can have the full menu with the 4 dishes for 99 NOK.

5) Le café français for a dessert (stand number 81)

A crêpe (French pancake) and chocolate marshmallows or strawberries: isn't it a killer combination?

The original ones

This is probably my favorite category (isn't trying new food better when you have the possibility to get to taste small portions for nice price?), I have selected 3 stands for you.

1) Gådjå serving Ethiopian food (stand number 22)

The 3 meals you can get there are:
  • Dårå Wått: vegetables "alicha" style, chicken, onions, Ethiopian spices, egg and Enjera (something similar to savory pancake, used a bit like bread). This dish is a bit spicy, but good, full of flavor and original.
  • Gådjå Tibs: beef, tomatoes, peppers, chili, salad and Enjera (see previous note). We did not try this dish.
  • Yetsom Wått: vegetarian dish with misir (something to do with lenses), vegetables, spinach, salad, chili and Enjera (see note about Dårå Wått). We did not try this dish either this year
Small portion of dårå wått

The three dishes are available in 2 sizes: small and big. The small size is probably enough if you want to taste some food from other places. Small size of the 2 first dishes cost 45 NOK, big size 89 NOK and the third one cost 35/69 NOK. You have also the possibility to get a plate with a mix of all three for 98 NOK.

2) Peru/Chile and Norwegian food (stand number 84)

It is interesting to see a stand mixing the 3 (Peru/Chile is understandable but Norwegian food too?). The Norwegian food is limited to Komler/Kompe/Raspaboller (globally the same dish, different names). Today we tried the Chilean Chicken skewer. It was served with a potato salad. The skewer was good, the chicken was tasty, but the potato salad was not really good. The dish costs 55 NOK.

3) Persian food (stand number 14)

This stand proposes several things: beef skewer, chicken skewer, shrimps skewer. We noticed that the skewers were not the same on day 1 and day 2, so you may not get the same skewers as on the photo below.

Today, we tried some interesting and quite good meatballs. What made them special was the fact that they contained rice and vegetables. The sauce was a bit spicy though.

A bit of seafood...

You may have noticed, I like meat. A lot. For those of you who like fish, I have checked some options though (what wouldn't I do for my readers).

1) Vestgaard mat and its beautiful 5 small dish (inside the Coop stand)

This is one of the best looking food of the festival. Unfortunately, a bit badly situated (quite a lot of passage so that people don't have much chance to stop or have a look). Count 150 NOK  for the whole menu or around 30 NOK for one item (25 for the caviar, 50 for the soup, 30 the others).

2) Fisketorget with fish soup and Bacalao (stand number 54)

Nice stand, lots of sitting places, ideally located. the food looked great. Maybe a bit expensive, though.

3) Sjøhuset Skagen (stand number 79)

Looked very nice too, but a victim to its own success (quite difficult to find a seat).

Juice, anyone?

You can find 2 nice stands next to Coop (no stand numbers, they are inside the coop stand according to the map). One proposes juice from Aronia berries (choke berries), the other proposes rhubarb juice. Both are good, both are probably healthy and both offer free samples. The rhubarb stand even proposes a cup of juice for 10 NOK (not sure for the other stand).

Best locations

Some places are clearly better than others to eat (less packed, elevated, outside, ...). Here are two options.

1) Barca food: nice terrace (stand number 49)

2) Veteranskipet Sandnes: eat on a boat (maybe stand number 89)

What about kids?

Such an event is for adults. They eat, eat and eat even more. For children, this can be boring. Fortunately, you have 1 stand that is really focusing on children: the IVAR stand (stand number 74). Quiz, games, small gifts, everything is gathered to make this stand a success for children, not forgetting that they learn about recycling etc... Congratulations to IVAR for their stand and for doing a great job year after year so that children can enjoy this festival too!

A big thanks

To anyone who have helped me with this article: people working at the festival who let me take some pictures of their stand,  random people who let me take some pictures of their food (probably thinking I was crazy)... And a big thank to you who are reading this article because without readers, it would have no meaning. Finally thanks to Arnaud for following this blog despite the fact that he is not even living in Stavanger.

If you went to the Gladmat festival this year, you are welcome to leave a comment (about anything you liked yourself, anything you disliked, etc...).