Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday buffet - Part1: Akropolis

Several restaurants in Stavanger offer a buffet on Sunday. I decided to gather some info here as I never saw any compilation or list of restaurants that propose it.

Let me begin with the well-known greek restaurant Akropolis. The buffet offers a great variety of dish.

On the "starters" table, you can get:
- a mushroom soup with bread/garlic toast
- a vegetable salad and feta cheese
- some vine leaves (many people don't know what it is and don't try it. I don't love it but I like to have some when I go there)
- some fried vegetables (peppers, eggplants, ... I really like it)
- some home made tsatsiki
- some kind of spicy tomato puree

On the "main dishes" table, you can get:
- 2 kind of moussaka (I think 1 is moussaka and the other is lasagna but I am not sure)
- some gyros meat (kind of meat you get in kebab/greek/turkish sandwich)
- some nicely spiced grilled chiken
- rice/small pasta that look like rice (I also like it)/calamar rings

For children, you also have french fries and sausages.

I am sorry but I could not get photos of the buffet as many people were there last time I was there. In stead I took some pictures of some plates I have composed from different components of the buffet:

All in all, a good buffet, a nice variety and the restaurant decoration makes the customer feel he is in Greece (especially upstairs). On the + side, we also find some original dishes I haven't seen otherwise in Stavanger (vine leaves, small pasta that look like rice). The soup is highly appeciated when the weather is cold and rainy, and when the weather is warm, the vegetable salad is nice. On the - side, I would say this buffet is rich in meat, so vegetarians, or people who like fish better may not be satisfied with the choice.

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