Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sunday buffet - Part3: Alanya

**** Update 19/05/2012 ****
I have just been told that Alanya will not offer Sunday buffet anymore. That was a sad news. I let the review here just for information purpose.

The third part of this Sunday buffets review will feature a restaurant that is a little less well-known than the other two but in my opinion a good alternative: Alanya.

(the restaurant may be difficult to spot: the entrance is on the right of the picture but the restaurant itself is located between Søstrene Grene and Vierdal Avokatfirma AS)
The restaurant is named after a city in Turkey and people having been living in Stavanger for a long time will generally tell you about a fire that took place there. In 2006 the whole building took fire but today the restaurant is beautiful and you will not see any trace of fire.

If you don't really know the Turkish cuisine, the Sunday buffet is a good way to discover it. You will find a wide choice of starters and generally 3-4 main dishes and 3-4 side dishes (rice, fries, calamar rings, potatoes...). As dessert, the buffet includes some fresh fruits.

Something really nice about this buffet is that all the dishes are presented with a small tag giving the name of the dish as well as its composition.

Every time I have been there, they had a varied choice of main dishes (lamb/chicken and fish for example). Those dishes are not always the same, so can go there several times without getting bored of them.
I have composed two plates to give you an idea of what you can eat:

As I am not an expert of Turkish cuisine, it is difficult for me to really comment about the quality of the food but I personally enjoy it. I find the restaurant beautiful, the staff nice and warm and the food is varied and original. A definitive recommendation, especially if you don't know the Turkish cuisine and are not afraid to taste something you are not used to.


  1. What was the price for buffet here?

    1. Thanks for asking. I think it was about 160-170 nok but I went there today to get it confirmed and was told that Alanya is not offering a Sunday buffet anymore. Sorry for that... if you want a buffet, you will have to go to Akropolis, Mikado or Bølgen&Moi.