Thursday, March 15, 2012


I am a bit nostalgic while writing this review as I was going quite often to this restaurant when I first moved to Norway.

Something that surprised me the first time I went there was that everyone around me had ordered the fish soup. Well, I do know now that this is because they have a really good fish soup, maybe one of the best in Stavanger. My friends who tried it when they visited me are still talking to me about it.

Something else that I particularly like in this restaurant is the way they are cooking vegetables that are presented with the meat dishes. Cooked perfectly with some kind of meat/wine sauce... Difficult to describe but I have seldomly liked my vegetables that much

The restaurant is really central, in one of those 2 main restaurant streets of Stavanger. As most restaurants there, this restaurant is also a bar / restaurant with light meals. You can get for example a salad, a hamburger, ... but I don't think there is anything particularly good there. Good food but simple and a bit "as usual".

Also, I was a bit disappointed by their traditional Norwegian Christmas food. Not bad but not the best in Stavanger.

As I don't want to finish on a negative note for such a nice restaurant, I would like to say that the staff is really nice and the decoration original. The restaurant is not too much children-friendly (not so much space for strollers, tables are a bit small too) but it is not impossible to eat there with children. If you plan to eat there, I advise you to book a table. In normal time, this restaurant can be quite full.

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