Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bølgen & Moi

This restaurant is somehow a new discovery for me. It was recommended to me by a friend and I have been there several times since then.

First of all, the restaurant is located in the same building as the oil museum. So generally a good place to go before or after visiting this museum.

Then, I have to say that this restaurant has been evolving since I first went there. In the past, this restaurant was a bit more for business men or at least for formal evenings. It tends to become more and more informal / family oriented and I think it is a good thing as the museum does attract many families.

The interior is elegant and it must be really nice to sit by the window (or outside) when it is sunny.

Before the meals come, you will be served some bread. Nothing particular except that in the past the bread was too salty (at least the top of the bread was covered by salt, which looked nice but did not taste good). They have changed this and the bread is now good. The sauce that comes with the bread is also really nice.

Above is the Entrecôte sandwich, one of the best presented sandwich I have ever had. The fries are also pretty good. Otherwise, the restaurant proposes a sanwdich of the day and a soup of the day and you can even get half a portion of each.

Here is a meat dish I had. It tasted really good, especially the sauce and the mushrooms. I tried once their coq-au-vin, a French recipe and it was pretty good.

Here their apple crumble with ice cream. Tasted nice but I would have expected a bit more crumble.

PS: since this review, I have been there several times. We tried their fish soup once which was good and once their soup of the day was a crab soup with shrimps and fennel and it was lovely. The children menu includes a burger, a pizza, some grilled chicken and some ice cream. Children around us seem to enjoy it.

PS2: I forgot to mention 1 little thing about the service. It is a bit slow. I have seen several times people simply giving up at the entrance of the restaurant (too long to get seated) and some of the reviews on the internet do pinpoint the fact that it can take a long time to be served. So yes, if you are in a hurry, you may consider another restaurant; otherwise, just relax, and enjoy the view on the sea if possible :)

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