Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday buffet - Part2: Mikado

Another restaurant to propose a buffet on Sunday is Mikado, a Chinese/Japanese restaurant near Magasinblaa.

The buffet is composed of Chinese dishes, Japanese sushi and a variety of desserts.

Let's begin with the chinese part. There are generally 3 fried dishes (sweet sour pork, deep fried scampi and another one) and 3 -4 other dishes, for example, meat balls, a curry-base meal and some satay skewers. As side dish, you can get fried rice or fried noodles. I think there was some white rice once but I did not find it last time I was there.

There is also some soup, not always the same (I think they alternate between Pekin soup and Won ton soup). So, the choice is quite wide. The quality is not bad either but I would not go as far as saying that I am impressed by the food. It is good, but not overwhelming.

Concerning the Japanese sushi, I must admit that it is better than expected. Many sushi places I know that are hold by Chinese people are really not that good but in Mikado the sushi is well made. Even my wife who is Japanese enjoys it :) The choice is also good and they are quick to refill the ones missing.

Other than that, you will find some salads and some nicely presented smoked salmon

Finally, if you are still not full with all this, you can aim to the dessert part composed of various cakes, fruid salad and puddings. Coffee/tea is included in the buffet

All in all, Mikado is a good alternative for a Sunday buffet, especially because of the choice. It is also the only buffet presented here that includes dessert and coffee/tea. On a side note, the restaurant is difficult to access for strollers or people on wheelchairs. For children, a popular activity is to go watch the several fish the restaurant has (even had som lobsters in the past).

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