Thursday, March 15, 2012


Egon is not the kind of restaurant I would generally review here. A bit too "family/easy-going", a bit too much of a "chain restaurant". However I have to admit that Egon in Stavanger has managed to overcome this status.

First of all Egon is situated next to the fish market, which in my opinion is a good thing. Less crowded that on the other side of the harbour and the perfect place to have lunch before or after visiting the old Stavanger district.

The menu is wide and I am impressed by the fact they have menus in Japanese. My wife ordered some salmon as seen above and liked it. Not the best salmon ever, but pretty good. I myself ordered a sandwich and really appreciated it.

The good thing about Egon is that it is really all about family. Contrary to other restaurants where you may wonder if it is OK or not to bring children, here you may wonder if it is OK or not NOT to bring children. There is a small play room with TV and video games (personally I am 100% against letting my son mix TV/video game and meal time but for those who are not it is nice to have). They have air balloons and some pretty cute children meals as shown below (salmon too, not too bad compared to my wife's salmon).

Another thing I really enjoy about Egon in Stavanger is the decoration. Entering the restaurant is a bit like entering Ali Baba cave or some sort of Stavanger history museum. I particularly like their lamps and their photos of old Stavanger.

Just a small thing I did not really like is the pizza buffet. Only two sorts of pizzas, generally too hot when they arrived and quickly gone after that. I would not recommend it.

To sum up, Egon is not the restaurant you would go to if you want to eat some fancy Norwegian cuisine but is a nice place for family or even group of friends who want to have lunch/dinner in an unformal atmosphere. The staff in Stavanger has impressed me so far, being really polite and nice.

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