Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hall toll

Update 26/07/2012: if you want a more recent review, you could check this article. It is from another blog about Stavanger restaurants.

Hall toll is a famous bar / night club in Stavanger but something that is less well known is that this place is also a pretty nice restaurant.

The restaurant is located on the harbour but a bit further towards the sea and less "central Stavanger". It is a really good spot in summer to see the sunset.

About the name and the icon, I have to say that the building where Hall Toll is located seems to be an old house for customs ("toll" means customs in Norwegian). So Hall Toll basically means the hall of the customs. The funny thing is when you pronounce it, we cannot know if you mean Hall Toll, or "Halv tolv" (which means 11:30), or even "Halv toll" (half of the customs building ?). They redesigned the customs traditional icon so that the lion holds a fork and a glass instead of an axe (I would not have dared to do so in France for example).

The restaurant is a bit more expensive than the other restaurants I have reviewed here but the food is good. We also had a good surprise to get some olives and small dry sausages before the meal.

Three of us had fish and one meat. Both were really nice, well presented and the service was really nice.

The interior was really nice but I have heard they changed it completely and have not been there since then.

All in all, not a restaurant I would go to every day (a bit too formal and expensive for me) but a very good on-occasion-restaurant.


  1. I have to try it again one of these days. The revamped the place last year. But I always found the place a bit weird - if you go there on a Friday or Saturday night you can't really have a long dinner as the place turns into a "night club"

  2. Well, I would rather avoid Friday night and Saturday night too. Concerning the revamp, I have seen mixed feelings on the internet. Some people like it, some don't. I will probably go and have a look myself.