Saturday, October 6, 2012

Great lunch at Renaa Matbaren

I have already reviewed this restaurant here and explained the difference with Renaa Xpress that I reviewed there. This is a new review, for the meal I had with a Norwegian Friend yesterday (Friday 05/10/2012).

Soup of the day (pumpkin with cream and bacon), small portion 89 NOK

My friend was not too hungry, so he went for the soup of the day. It was a pumpkin soup with cream and bacon. My friend liked it a lot and thought the pumpkin taste was quite delicate in this soup. People liking pumpkin a lot could have been a bit disappointed though that the taste was not stronger.

Dish of the day (duck confit with pumpkin puree and Brussels sprouts), 269 NOK

I went for the dish of the day which was duck confit with pumpkin puree and Brussels sprouts. The duck was tender while well cooked and the sauce was exquisite with a subtle mustard taste. I really enjoyed it and wish it was in the regular menu.

Other than that, the service was nice as usual and we had a great lunch.

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